Ella Nova Trained To Talk Dirty

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ella nova talks dirty

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Ella Nova Trained To Talk Dirty

On The Training Of O

Dirty talk. The MSG of the bedroom. Who doesn’t like a little talk during sex? In this shoot on The Training of O, Tommy Pistol uses operant conditioning (which in this case means domination, electrostimulation, and lots of anal) to encourage Ella Nova to get over her reluctance to talk dirty.

It is so hot to see Ella Nova trained to talk dirty. Tommy Pistol EXCELS as he teaches Ella Nova Speech 101. I was riveted to the scene as Tommy intensely instructs Ella what to say, and how to say it, but she just can’t breakthrough and speak like “a proper fucking whore”.

domination slave training ella nova

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The level of eloquence, timing, and cool that Tommy Pistol displays is an easy 8.5 on the Samuel L Jackson Pulp Fiction index. I can’t say enough for this shoot. Ella Nova is, of course, beautiful, but she SELLS IT in this scene. She is a slave in training, learning to set aside her selfish desires and focus on pleasing Him. Ella Nova trained to talk dirty meaning not just filthy words, and stories (she tells Tommy Pistol about sucking a guy in her car, while people watched, and then taking his huge cock in her ass), but the manner in which their told.

Tommy Pistol berates her for yelling her story at him “you’re not at a protest”, he tells her at one point. It’s hilarious, but not in a typical porn way. It’s hilarious in a Pulp Fiction way. It’s fucking badass.

This is the first blog post I’ve written in which I devote most of the copy to the dude, but Tommy Pistol, bravo, my brother. This scene is objectively great. Well done. You do BDSM proud.

gape ella nova

How Can I Watch The Whole Thing?

It’s a piece of cake. If you want to just watch this shoot, you can buy it and own it forever. It’s a good one, and it’s totally worth keeping. It’s one of those few that you can go back to again. Seeing Ella Nova trained to talk dirty was way hotter than I anticipated.

Or you can join Kink Unlimited and get access to this shoot and everything else they’ve ever done, going back to 1997. Holy shit, right? It’s great. Either way, enjoy.

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