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eden sin slave training

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The Training Of O

Eden Sin Slaved Trained By Owen Gray

One of Kink’s best sites is The Training Of O, which is a slave training site, where women are instructed in perfect submission over the course of days. This week we have the super lovely little firebrand, Eden Sin slave trained.

I have written of Eden Sin before, as she is popping up everywhere, and I see why. Seeing Eden Sin slave trained is a singular joy. It’s interesting to contrast this shoot with her recent shoot on Sexually Broken.

ttoo eden sin

Clover Clamps FTW

Owen Gray goes at Eden Sin with rope suspension, these beautiful nipple clamps (clover clamps are the way to go), and plenty of Hitachi invoked forced orgasms. Good stuff. My favorite part was Eden hanging in suspension from the ceiling, with heavy weights pulling her clamped nipples forcefully down. The whole time Owen Gray is berating and correcting her, because she can’t control her own body.

You lack discipline, Eden. That’s the message and the lesson. She gets her ass fucked and her throat fucked, and her mind reprogrammed to be a good slut. You’re doing god’s work, Owen Gray.

eden sin bondage

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How To Watch The Whole Scene

The Training of O is a clever site, and this Eden Sin slave training shoot is indicative of what the site’s about. If you want to see the whole thing, which is way better than just watching the previews, you have two choices.

You can just buy this one shoot and own it forever in glorious HD, and be done. The second option is to go big and join Kink Unlimited, which gives you full access to The Training of O, as well as 24 KINK sites. That’s 20 years of content, including this Eden Sin clip. Whichever you choose, enjoy.

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