Domina Helena Locke Submits On Hogtied

Bondage Hogtied

helena locke hogtied

Helena Lock Hogtied by The Pope. Click for more.

Helena Locke Hogtied

A Powerful Domme Submits

There’s nothing hotter than a natural top who bottoms from the heart. BDSM sites aside, the power dynamic is more a spectrum than a hard line re: Dom/Sub. Helena Locke is a wonderful femdom in her own right. Top notch (pun intended). That doesn’t mean she doesn’t bottom sometime. This time she bottoms for The Pope and we are all richer for it. doesn’t offer hosted galleries anymore, so I can’t post a bunch of pics, but you can click that pic above to see the preview video, and I assure you that you’ll like it. Helena Locke is a wonderful performer, and a beautiful woman. Who doesn’t want to see her get off? Hogtied is the place to go.

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