Dee Williams In Sweet Agony

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dee williams in sweet agony

That look. See Pics of Dee Williams in Sweet Agony by clicking the pic.

Real Time Bondage Live Show

Delicious Dee Williams In Sweet Agony

I wrote of the first installment of Dee Williams in Sweet Agony, a couple weeks ago, and it’s time to follow up on Part 2. This is cut down from a Real Time Bondage broadcast in which members could not only watch, but participate. Good stuff. It’s nice to be able to contribute (although I imagine there are a lot of fuckheads too) to a real scene, with a real couple.

Matt and Dee Williams are a married couple, and lynchpins of the Intersec Empire. I love these people, and their work. If you’re not following them on Twitter, you should.

dee williams bound breasts

Bound tight and even more sensitive.

The theme of this shoot is tit torture. Dee Williams has amazing tits, and is just adorable. Matt Williams is a lucky man, and he knows it. Now imagine that lovely blonde pixie kinkster bound and under your control. Exactly. You would rain blows upon her tender flesh with whips, floggers, and canes. The thing about impact play is that you don’t (often) just beat the shit out them. You set up a pattern, a beat, and move up and down their body, leaving stings and a baseline beat of fuckable pain (what’s fuckable pain? It’s when your sub closes their eyes and just start to pelvic thrust/grind to the beat of your beating). If you’re at all interested in the kinky life, I would consider Real Time Bondage the equivalent of an online course in the right way to hurt the ones you love.

dee williams tit torture

The softest, most tender, and vulnerable part of her.

How To Watch This Whole Thing

Jerking off to preview clips is shameful. Come on, dude. You’re better than that. Do you horde free ketchup packets or do you just buy ketchup? Give porn the respect you give basic condiments. Buy what you use.

You can watch this 45 minute scene in a couple ways. You can simply buy this one shoot, and own it forever. That’s the a la carte choice. Or you can join Real Time Bondage for a month, watch all three parts of Dee Williams in Sweet Agony, as well as the live shows, and the archives, and see if it’s your thing. Enjoy.


  1. Jghots March 13, 2017 6:42 pm

    They are simply perfection. I love Dee Williams is my favorite actressπŸ‘πŸ˜πŸ˜˜πŸ’.

  2. Dave March 17, 2017 6:04 am

    I think Dee is one of those that come along once in a great while. She is cute, personable and bubbly. It is difficult to imagine her getting the crap beat out of her so often and she LIKES it. She is in over 200 films on KINK going back to 2005, which is mind blowing. Her breasts are unbelievable but I think her labia and clit are simply the best out there; meaty labia just wanting to be sucked, bitten and massaged and a massive clit just wanting attention. How can one choose? Matt is one lucky sob.

    • Marky D. Sade March 17, 2017 6:33 pm

      Thanks, Dave! I appreciate the comment. Yes, Dee is a one in a million. Do you follow Matt and Dee on Twitter? They show pics of their home life from domestic to kinky. From what I see they’re both great people, as well as great talents. Matt’s rigging is certainly top notch.
      Thanks for subscribing! I just posted another post about Dee. Hope you like it.

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