Dee Williams Hardtied

Bondage Forced Orgasms Hardtied Shibari

dee williams hardtied

Dee Williams Is A Legend. Click to see more pics.

Love Is…

Dee Williams Hardtied

The husband and wife duo of Matt and Dee Williams are a shining star in the night sky of professional bondage porn. Their suite of bondage sites show the real deal, not a prettied up, approved by lawyers re: liability, version of kink. It’s what you do when you’re truly in the community.

Since Matt Williams is a master rigger, and Dee Williams is a top shelf, truly exceptional bondage model, you get to see suspensions and scenes that you won’t see on another site. Matt knows what Dee can take, and Dee can take a lot. Plus they love each other. That’s the most important part. That’s why I promote their content as often as I can.

dee williams nipple clamps

Neglect not the tittays. Serious nipple clamps.

Holy shit, this scene is great. Kudos for the use of binder clips on the labia, sealing Dee Williams’ pussy closed, around the crotch rope suspending her. Well done! The cherry on top for this scene are the forced orgasms that Matt Williams rips from his sweet sub, as she suffers true discomfort and pain.

Forced orgasms are what do it for me. To compel someone to shudder, spasm, and scream in ecstatic release, while they suffer exquisite torment, is sublime, and by sublime I mean it make me rock hard and I love to do it to others as much as possible.

dee williams hardtied

Stripped of humanity, dignity, ego. Owned. Submitted.

How To Watch The Whole Thing

Previews are great for one thing, previewing the scene to see if it interests you. Jerking off to previews is for teenagers. Being a grown up means you have the power to experience the whole thing.

You can watch this 40+ minute clip one of two ways. If you like seeing Dee Williams hard tied, you can simply buy this one shoot, and own it forever. That’s a good idea if you’re sure this one clip is an aberration, and that the genre itself holds nothing for you.

If the genre (i.e. you like submissive women being tied up, tormented, and forced to cum) appeals to you, then you’re better off joining Hardtied and gaining access to 20 years of bondage content, as well as all the updates. These are real people making their living. Buy the content.

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