Dee Williams Facefucked On A Sybian

Bondage Forced Orgasms Sexually Broken

dee williams facefucked

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Sexually Broken Featuring

Dee Williams Facefucked While Cumming

The Sybian. The world’s most powerful vibrator. I remember first reading about way back in the ’80’s, in OMNI magazine. Decades later and it’s still the champ. Matt Williams has a great job. He runs Sexually Broken, and is the main Dom. Dee Williams is his beautiful wife. He not only gets to fuck her at work. His work is to fuck her, and top her, and make her cum until she shatters like a wave on the shore. Then he puts her back together again. That’s love.

I have written of Dee Williams before, mainly because like her colleague London River, she excels as both a Top and a Bottom. She is sex. Sexually Broken is neat in that it dominates, and indeed breaks, women without pain, or even hitting/spanking. Every spanked your girl? Even if she got mad, she also got wet. We’re animals. Primates. Domination is straight from the DNA. Your girl needs her hair pulled once in awhile. She needs to be held down and used. Yes, used. Maybe not every time, but sometimes. She’ll drip and cum so hard you’ll have to hold her close and love her, while she gets her shit together. But I digress.

dee williams forced orgasm

Like a wave against the shore.

Here’s the skinny. If you like forced orgasms and serious face fucking, Sexually Broken is for you. They’re cheaper than Kink (who doesn’t even offer site memberships anymore. It’s all the sites or none), and they update WAY MORE OFTEN. Typically they update at least twice a week. Sexually Broken features many of the same models as Kink, but in way more intense scenes. I love Kink, I do. They’ve made me a lot of money over the last decade, but this here is real sex, real connection, and real submission. Enjoy.

sexually broken breast bondage


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