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dee williams category 4 bondage

Cumming in brutal suspension. Click for more.

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Dee Williams Best Scene Yet

Wow. This scene is intense! As Matt Williams writes in the scene description, this is a Category 4 suspension (very, very, hard on the body) which a master rigger like Matt Williams can use, but not a weekend fuckhead with home depot clothesline under his bed.

Dee Williams can take this inverted suspension like a hall of famer, and THEN can take the brutal throatfucking, and forced orgasms that Sexually Broken is known for. Plus, let’s not forget those incredible tits. That’s why I write about her so much. She’s amazing, and I hope you’ll agree that this may be Dee Williams best scene yet.

dee williams best scene

Look at her legs. That’s rough on her. Click for more.

So, she’s hanging upside, bound in a very severe suspension (look at her legs), and then Matt Williams & Sgt Miles take turns just ramming their cocks down her throat, while slapping, squeezing, pinching her tightly bound tits (which makes them more sensitive).

To top it all off, they grind the vibrator against her clit, so she cums and cums, screaming like an animal in a trap. Forced orgasms. Against all that pain her body achieves bliss. That’s what makes a sub a sub. That’s also why the responsibility of a Dom is enormous. You can not only fuck up someone’s body, you can seriously fuck up their mind. That’s why you learn and develop your game.

dee williams sucking cock

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How To Watch The Whole Thing

This scene is a short one (about 10 minutes) because that suspension is not one you can maintain without seriously risking damage. Those legs can’t handle such minimal blood flow for a long time. Another reason that you leave the Category 4 inverted suspensions to a Master Rigger, and not the most alpha asshole at your munch.

You can buy this scene on it’s own easily enough, if you just want to see this clinic on advanced rope work. It’s worth it just as that, even though it is also Dee Williams best scene yet (imo).
You can also join Sexually Broken and see what Matt Williams called, “the best Rough Sex and Bondage site in the fucking world.” Enjoy.

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