Charlotte Cross Hogtied

Bondage Forced Orgasms Hogtied

charlotte cross hogtied

See pics of Charlotte Cross hogtied, by clicking the pic.

Charlotte Cross Hogtied

Bound Natural Breasts

Readers will remember that I wrote of Charlotte Cross once before, in a great threesome with the intoxicatingly cute Anna Tyler. Seeing Charlotte Cross hogtied by The Pope is everything I had hoped.

You can tell just by looking at her, that Charlotte Cross has blissfully soft skin. That skin that is exclusively feminine. Seeing Charlotte Cross hogtied and roughly flogged, fucked, and forced to cum, is an addictive dichotomy of tactile sensation.

In short Charlotte Cross is yummy, sexy, and in all ways desirable. To see such a woman submit to The Pope’s ministrations, and to see her not only endure the pain, but see it arouse her (her pussy is delicious and very responsive), is a rush not unlike a drug. This is why Hogtied has been around for 20 years.

Charlotte Cross bondage flogging

Click for video clips of this bondage scene.

The Pope does a laudable job finding, then riding, Charlotte Cross‘ boundary between enough, and too much. That’s the trick. A Dom/me must always be mindful to not give in to their own hunger and lust, and to honor the trust and responsibility of the role.

Charlotte Cross’ lovely, natural, tits take a good amount of impact play, as well as grabbing, slapping, and clothespinning. I love that stuff so bring it on. She also suffers a fusillade of blows from the cane and flogger. Lots of stingy, not much thumpy.

flogging bondage bdsm nipple torture

Charlotte Cross breast torture. Click for more.

Want To Watch The Whole Thing?

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If you just want to see Charlotte Cross hogtied, and screaming, then you can easily buy this one shoot, and call it good. Whatever you choose, enjoy.


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      Thanks! I just wrote another post featuring her. Take a look!

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