Charlotte Cross Forced To Cum

Bondage Forced Orgasms FragileSlave Shibari

charlotte cross forced to cum

Charlotte Cross hogtied and forced to cum. Click for more.

FragileSlave Presents

Charlotte Cross Hogtied & Forced To Cum

There something so cute, and elegant, about Charlotte Cross. She’s so tiny and perfect, how could you not want to tie her up, and make scream in pleasure? It’s a no brainer. She’s helplessly bound with rope, including a rope bra making her perfect tits look even better framed in rope.

Fragileslave sees to it to it that Charlotte Cross is forced to cum over and over again, as the vibrator that is tied to her clit keeps the sensation going, well past the point of pleasure.

charlotte cross bondage orgasms

Charlotte Cross forced to cum. Click for more.

If you’re a frequent reader you’ll remember I’ve written of Charlotte Cross before. More than once in fact, because she’s intoxicatingly sexy. Popular too. Imagine how it feels to squeeze those tits, or that amazing ass.
Fragileslave specializes in gorgeous women, popular bondage models, tied up with rope and forced to cum. Forced orgasms are my favorite kink, and I know I’m not the only one. Fragileslave is a small company run by real people, who work hard for your business. Unlike the big guy (cough……. cough) your money benefits real people doing real work.

fragileslave bondage charlotte cross

Click for more Charlotte Cross naked and bound.

How To See The Whole Thing

Previews are nice but they’re not the real thing. They’re just a tease to get you worked up enough to pull the trigger. If you want to see all pics and, more importantly, video, of Charlotte Cross forced to cum while tied up (who wouldn’t want to see that?) then you need simply to join FragileSlave for a month and try them out. It’s about the same as a premium Netflix subscription so it’s not going to break you, and as I said earlier, you’ll be helping out a small business. Enjoy.

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