Carolina Abril Fucked In Public

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carolina abril fucked in public

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Public Disgrace Presents

Carolina Abril Fucked In Public

Sex in public has always been hotter than the private kind. If you’ve ever secretly fingered your girl, or stroked your guy, in a public place, you understand. The risk or even inevitability of being caught is an intoxicant, and this Public Disgrace scene, filmed in Madrid (where the sexual revolution happened 20 years later than here), shows how hot public sex can be.
When you see the beautiful Carolina Abril fucked in public, or having strangers write “SLUT” on her naked flesh, with her nipples sticking rock hard from her chest… you should be turned on.

public disgrace carolina abril

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Tina Kay is devilishly adorable as the femdom who tears the clothes off Carolina Abril, and flogs her as Carolina swings from rope bondage, in the middle of a public park, in Madrid. Antonio Ross provides the rigging, and the hardware. The Dominant Duo leads the naked Carolina Abril through the park to a crowded bar, where she is commanded to, “Make these guys pay for our drinks.”
This is when you see Carolina Abril fucked in public, as she’s made to ride cocks, suck cocks, submit to slaps and grope from male, and female, patrons. This is why Public Disgrace is a site I write about.
The whole vibe is very lighthearted, with Tina Kay’s giggly voice leading the proceedings. Watching Carolina Abril fuck in public, or eat pussy, suck cock, and generally just be a sex toy, is a super fun, and a great scene. It’s even better with dozens of men and women taking selfies with the fucking people.
tina kay public disgrace

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  1. Steve Holmes November 8, 2016 12:35 am

    I shot this update in Madrid and not in Barcelona. If you need infos about Public Disgrace scenes, please feel free to ask.

    • Marky D. Sade November 9, 2016 6:40 pm

      Thanks for letting me know. I’ll change my text asap.

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