Ariel X Submits

Bondage Device Bondage Forced Orgasms

ariel x submits device bondage

Click to see Ariel X submit to the Pope. Strength meets stronger.

Ariel X Submits

A First For Her

Bondage fans know the name Ariel X. She’s the champion of Ultimate Surrender, the lezdom wrestling site. Also, she’s insanely fit and strong. Dom The Pope takes her on, and her shuddering orgasms are proof of submission. This isn’t a gimmick. It’s a super hot shoot. Two champions at the top of their game. This is why I write about Device Bondage often.

The Pope has a way with strong women. He must because dominant women aren’t likely to submit just for the hell of it. It’s about energy and trust. There’s also an incredible amount of catharsis in subbing when one is so dominant.┬áNot only giving but having control of your own experience taken from you. You know how riding a roller coaster is fun because it can be truly frightening? Same here. Ariel X is clamped and immobile. The Pope has free rein to do whatever he wants.

device bondage forced orgasms

Such a beautiful pussy. The Pope forces Ariel X to cum over and over.

Hopefully you now understand why it’s news that Ariel X submits to the Pope. She’s a beautiful woman and seeing this side of her is really sexy. Plus who doesn’t love forced orgasms? Watching Ariel X’s face as she realizes that The Pope really is going to make her cum, without any say in it herself… priceless. Device Bondage is at the top of its game with The Pope.

The quality of content at has gone way up across the board, and it was great to begin with. There’s never been a better time to join up.

the pope ariel x submits

Just look at this woman. Don’t you wish you could be doing this to her?

If you want to see this beautiful strong women flex and strain, and fail, to escape her bondage, then Device Bondage awaits. Plus there’s tickling and awesome dialog between these two. It’s really hot. If you want to see her body betray her ego, and her pussy squirt and spasm with orgasm after orgasm, then this is for you. You can join Kink Unlimited and get access to ALL THEIR SITES, or simply buy this shoot, and see how well Ariel X submits.

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