Ariel Blue On Infernal Restraints

Bondage Humiliation Infernal Restraints

ariel blue infernal restraints

Ariel Blue accepts her fate. Click to see more of this Infernal Restraints shoot.

Infernal Restraints Presents

Ariel Blue In Poor Sales Part 2

If you’ve been following my bondage blog, you will remember a couple days ago, when I posted Part One of Poor Sales, which was Ariel Blue’s latest shoot with Hardtied. For part 2 OT has moved her to the set of Infernal Restraints, in order to torment Ariel Blue further. All because her sales have tanked (in this vignette. In real life Ariel Blue is insanely popular).

The petite Ariel Blue is shackled into an enormous headstock, which leaves her essentially immobile, and blind to what OT does to her exposed body. Well done, OT. The unknown is the scariest thing of all.

ariel blue nipple clamps

Wonderful use of nipple clamps. Wonderful nipples. Click for more.

A leather hood is placed over the head of Ariel Blue, adding sensory deprivation to the list of kinks used by OT, on his poor performer. I am certain that after this her sales will improve drastically, unless she wants this treatment again…which is a distinct possibility.

Ariel endured various contraptions of metal bondage which mold her naked frame in a variety of uncomfortable postures. Add to that a giant black dildo on a stick, and I think Infernal Restraints, and OT, have made their message to Ariel Blue quite clear. Sell more!

infernal restraints metal bondage

The metal bondage keeps her from being able to see what OT is doing. Click to see more.

Watch The Whole Thing

If want to catch up from the beginning you’ll need to watch Part One of Poor Sales. To watch Part Two you have two choices. You can join Infernal Restraints for a month, and see all 20 years of metal bondage content, as well as updates, and this lovely Ariel Blue scene.

Alternately, you can simply buy this shoot, and part one if you’d like, and call it good. In either case you are supporting real people trying to make a living. Enjoy.

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