Arabelle Raphael Cuckolds Her Slave

Cuckolding Divine Bitches Femdom

arabelle raphael cuckolds divine bitches

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Divine Bitches New Shoot

Arabelle Raphael Cuckolds Her Slave & Feeds Him Her Bull’s Cum

This week’s shoot on Divine Bitches lets us watch as¬†¬†bondage model Arabelle Raphael cuckolds her basement slave DJ, as her bull Will Havoc satisfies her with his powerful cock. The pathetic cuck can only beg that Will bring Arabelle the pleasure that his worthless clitty cannot provide.

arabelle raphael cuckolds slave

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Arabelle Raphael cuckolds her slave, and screams in pleasure as she rides her bull. Her lucky cucky only gets to lick her ass, pussy, and of course, suck the sweet juices off of Will Havoc’s cock. I cannot help but feel contempt for any male who allows himself to sink to this state of pathos. You were born with a cock, and a strong man can make a woman cum into submission, even with a smaller cock. What the hell is up with all these pathetic eunuchs, who prefer abject humiliation to pleasure. Look at Arabelle’s face in the pic above. If the cuck were to simply grab her hips and ram his cock into her ass, she would pass out from the intense orgasm he would bring her. But no. He hasn’t the spark of manhood in him. Pathetic.

arabelle raphael divine bitches cuckolding

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Now What?

Well, cuckolding porn is a huge niche. If it’s your guilty pleasure, or your lifestyle, you can see as much as you want, on Divine Bitches. There’s lots of femdom, for sure, but cucking aplenty can be found. So, if you would like to see all the pics, and the entire video of this scene, I suggest you join Divine Bitches for a month. You’ll get to see EVERY SCENE they’ve ever shot, and there are hundreds.
If you want to see this scene, but you don’t really want to join the site, you can do so by going to Kink on Demand, and just pay to watch this one shoot. Choices. You have them.

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