Abella Danger On Hogtied

Bondage Forced Orgasms Hogtied

abella danger on hogtied

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Bondage, Forced Orgasms, Impact Play

Abella Danger on Hogtied

What’s better than good bondage porn? Good bondage porn with a breathtakingly beautiful woman with an incandescent smile. Seeing Abella Danger on Hogtied made my terrible headache back off a notch. She’s amazing.

My favorite Kink.com dom, The Pope, obviously enjoys Abella Danger on Hogtied as well, as he seems to take special joy in knocking her around; consensually. She drinks up his dominance like a plant taking in water. I love it.

bondage caning impact play rope


The reason that this scene works so well is made evident when Abella Danger is put into an inverted suspension (hooray for six figure riggers), and her screams swing from pain to lust and back again. Imagine the weight of your body, digging into your bare flesh, as the vibrator on your clit makes you cum over and over, while your blood pools in your head, as it hangs upside down. Holy shit that’s hot. Complicated but hot. This is why The Pope has this job.

breast torture hogtied

Squeeze them like you own them, Sir.

I’m In. How Can I Watch The Whole Thing?

Grown ups pay for their porn, and as a result get to watch full length, HD videos of their choice, without scouring tube sites and settling for low res recodes. There’s no need.

There are two ways to watch Abella Danger on Hogtied. The first is to bite the apple and sign up for Kink Unlimited. This gives you access to all 24 Kink.com sites (except the gay ones), with their 20 years of regular content. Holy shit, right? Kink doesn’t sell individual site memberships anymore. They sell bundles. It’s more money but SO MUCH MORE CONTENT. If you like bondage porn then this is for you.

Alternately, you can simply buy this shoot and own it forever. It’s win/win either way. Enjoy.

Here Is A Screenshot Of Paying Member Comments

hogtied able danger

Real comments from paying members.

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