Abella Danger Cervix Play

Bondage Device Bondage Forced Orgasms

abella danger cervix play

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Intense, Brutal, Sensual

Abella Danger Cervix Play

Just when you think you’ve seen all the tricks that The Pope has, he brings out more. In this scene on Device Bondage, The Pope dominates the lovely Abella Danger. Last week I wrote of their scene on Hogtied. This week it’s even more intense.

Masocshists are real. Painsluts they’re called in the BDSM community. They get off on the pain. Hence we see this Abella Danger cervix play, in which The Pope uses a switch to tap against her cervix like he’s playing pool. The speculum itself is hot as it both spreads Abella’s lovely pussy wide, and further objectifies her.

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It’s not all Abella Danger cervix play. There’s lots of bondage, nipple torture (see above), really creative torment with feet and toes (see below), and many, many forced orgasms. It’s a really hot scene which raises the bar for Device Bondage, imo. Well done. I am both impressed and turned on.

Abella Danger is adorable and you can see how she really is turned on by this shoot. She’s not just acting. This isn’t a kink by numbers thing which sometime happens. This is a scene with real chemistry and connection, and real orgasms.

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How Do I Watch The Whole Thing?

If you’re intrigued, and horny, with the previews, then you should watch the whole thing. Holy shit, it’s hot. You can do so one of two ways. First, you can join Kink Unlimited and get access to all 24 Kink sites, with their 20 years of content. Holy shit. This will, of course give you access to this scene.

You can also buy this scene alone, a la carte, and own it forever. Whichever you choose, enjoy. There’s a lot of kink in this scene.

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