Roxanne Rae Bound & Whooped

Bondage Forced Orgasms Hogtied

Roxanne Rae Bound & Whooped Hogtied Hosts A Beauty I really like Roxanne Rae. I don’t just mean as a performer but from what I see of her on Twitter. She’s tweeted me a few times and been nothing but nice, and her tweets are awesome. So, it’s a pleasure to promote her whenever I […]

Roxanne Rae Is Perfection

Bondage Forced Orgasms Hogtied Shibari

In This New Hogtied Shoot Roxanne Rae Is Perfection Goody goody goody! Roxanne Rae is on the latest Hogtied! If you read this blog you know that I love Roxanne Rae. She’s adorable. She’s filthy. She’s tough. She’s nice. All good things. So… every time I see a shoot of hers, I promote it. You’re […]

roxanne are forced orgasms

Roxanne Rae Forced Orgasms

Forced Orgasms Fucking Machines

Roxanne Rae Forced Orgasms On Fucking Machines If you read my blog (you do read my blog…don’t you?) then you know I think Roxanne Rae is both adorable, and hot. She looks like the kind of girl who says, “golly!” when you fuck her ass. It adds to her charm. Hot women in porn are […]

Roxanne Rae Cums Hard

Fucking Machines

Roxanne Rae Cums Hard On Fucking Machines If you’re a regular reader you will know that I love Roxanne Rae. I especially love it when Roxanne Rae cums. I like her. She seems like she’s a nice person, and from her twitter, one can see that she’s smart. All good things. This shoot on Fucking […]

extreme rope bondage

Extreme Rope Bondage With Roxanne Rae

Bondage Forced Orgasms Hogtied

Roxanne Rae & The Pope Extreme Rope Bondage & Chemistry I have written before of the energy between bondage model Roxanne Rae, and Dom, and rigger, The Pope, before. I like them. The scenes they do seem to have an authenticity that much porn lacks. The week’s shoot features some of the most extreme […]

anna tyler fucking machines

Anna Tyler On Fucking Machines

Fucking Machines

Anna Tyler On Fucking Machines OMG She’s So Adorable I have been on a bit of an Anna Tyler tear lately, because she’s so gorgeous, cute, smart, nice, and tiny. It happens when you write about beautiful women. Sometimes you become enchanted. That’s kind of how this business works. Fucking Machines is a site I […]

anna tyler kink university

Anna Tyler Rope Bondage Tutorial

Bondage Kink University

Kink University Presents An Anna Tyler Rope Bondage Tutorial has a site that is both educational, as well as titalational, in which one can be introduced to kinks like assplay, or latex, or (in this case) a few simple rope bondage knots. Kink University has great content and my only wish is that it […]

london river anal hook forced orgasms

London River Hardtied

Bondage Forced Orgasms Hardtied Shibari

Exquisite Bondage & Punishment London River Hardtied If you read my blog you know that I tend to cover many of the same models, over and over. It’s true and I don’t apologize for it. I promote models like London River and Roxanne Rae for two reasons. First is that I think they’re compelling, hot, […]